Adrien Missika “Demain, Stabilisation” at Galeria Francisco Fino, Lisbon

Adrien Missika is a master in gathering together elements that belong to different times and geographies. 

Galeria Francisco Fino in Lisbon presents the latest exhibition of the French artist, currently operating from Berlin. Titled Demain, Stabilisation, the showcase features Missika‘s most recent sculpture pieces, which reflect on ecology, metabolism and human impact on the environment in a contemporary neo-romantic style. The artist adapted several artistic practices to create a narrative structure that unravels within conceptual perimeters, tackling existential poetics through a progressive revision of archival practices as an open form. Installations such as  Better safe than sorry take the form of an open archive where the artist used a series of custom-made soil bags shaped in concrete canvas to suggest the idea of contaminated archives susceptible to mutilation and alteration. Titles play a great role in guiding the viewer through Adrien Missika‘s claim, and convey a sense of submitted accomplishment that implies the present urge of saving the planet, a promise that is always central in every political program yet never gets entirely fulfilled. With dark humor and remarkable scope of expression, Adrien Missika evokes the denials of responsibility to the current climate crisis.

Adrien Missika-Better Safe than Sorry -Detail-01

Adrien Missika-Better Safe Than Sorry + Plus Ou Moins-01

Adrien Missika-Better Safe than Sorry- Detail -13

Adrien Missika-Better Safe than Sorry- Detail- 04

Adrien Missika-Better Safe Than Sorry-02

Adrien Missika-Better Safe Than Sorry-04

Adrien Missika-Better Safe Than Sorry-07

Adrien Missika-Better Safe Than Sorry-09

Adrien Missika-Better Safe Than Sorry-11

Adrien Missika-Better Safe than Sorry-Detail-11

Adrien Missika-Colony Collapse Disorder-01

Adrien Missika-Colony Collapse Disorder-02

Adrien Missika-Colony Collapse Disorder-05

Adrien Missika-Colony Collapse Disorder-06

Adrien Missika-Demain, Stabilisation_View-03

Adrien Missika-Demain, Stabilisation_View-05

Adrien Missika-Demain, Stabilisation_View-07

Adrien Missika-Plus Ou Moins + Better Safe Than Sorry-01

Adrien Missika-Plus Ou Moins + The Relative Naive-01

Adrien Missika-Plus Ou Moins-02

Adrien Missika-Plus Ou Moins-03

  • Adrien Missika “Demain, Stabilisation” at Galeria Francisco Fino, Lisbon

    Article by
    Beata Duvaker



    Galeria Francisco Fino


    11th of Nov 2017 – 11th of Jan 2018

    Galeria Francisco Fino
    Rua Capitão Leitão, 76


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    Galeria Francisco Fino