DAMA Project 2017

DAMA came back to Turin for its second edition, held from November 2nd to 5th in the context of Artissima. The independent art project gathered together a series of emerging art galleries and introduced 2 new spaces entirely dedicated to non profit exhibitions.

Located in the historical building of Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana, DAMA was curated with warm and inclusive spirit in order to break down the physical and conventional walls between artists, and overcome the ordinary art fair’s set up. Every gallery took over a different room with a solo show of a selected artist in deep dialogue with the venue. The synergy between the exhibitors gave visitors new sensations while passing through the different spaces, perceived as part of a single and organic artistic experience. The live program emphasized even more the exchange with the public, featuring a series of performances curated by João Laia under the name of “Smoke and Mirrors” and supported by Compagnia de San Paolo.

Anna Franceschini - Live Programme_05

Anna Franceschini - Live Programme_04

Anna Franceschini - Live Programme_01

Anna Franceschini - Live Programme_06

DAMA Staircase

Berthold Pott.Colin Penno.2

Arcade: John Wallbank3

Arcade:Joh Wallbank

Arcade:John Wallbank



Svit.Jimena Mendoza.Ajit Chauhan

Weiss Berlin:Elif Erkan

Weiss Berlin

Tobias Naehring:Sebastian Burger2

Tobias Naehring.Sebastian Burger

Neumeister Bar-Am

Neumeister Bar-Am - Sinae Yoo_3

Neumeister Bar-Am - Sinae Yoo_2


BWSMX.Morgan Mandalay





Leto.Honza Zamojski

Giorgio Galotti.Adam Cruces4

Giorgio Galotti:Adam Cruces3

Giorgio Galotti:Adam Cruces

Giorgio Galotti:Adam Cruces 3

Giorgio Galotti:Adam Cruces 2

Lily Robert-Jonas Wijtenburg

Lily Robert.Jonas Witjenburg




Berthold Pott.3

  • DAMA Project 2017

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana, Via Bligny 2, 10122 Turin, Italy

    2-5 NOVEMBER 2017

    Special Thanks

     Giorgio Galotti