Ann Demeulemeester – The Book

” The girl of Flanders has walked her own path, in her own black boots.”

During all her carreer Ann Demeulemeester has turned emotions into tangible garments. She spoke to the wearer’s soul and introduced him to poetry and ephemeral elegance. Her clothes are not just pieces of fabrics beautifully cut and stitched together, but a concrete symbol of freedom, passion, danger, delicacy, mystery and rebellion. Demeulemeester’s fashion changed throughout times without loosing its signature features, like an ancient story passed down from generation to generation, every time told in a different way yet faithful to its original plot. Ann Demeulemeester’s ethos is a circle in which each element is subtly liked together, enriched and intensified by this mutual collaboration. Although the power of garments might seems too strong at times, they start to exist truly only if imbued with the wearer’s own personality. From her beloved dimension of shadows, Ann Demeulemeester has silently watched this incredible spectacle of individuals that made her creations ultimately complete. A sweet smile depicted on her pale-moon face. This monograph let us glimpse at the world from her intimate perspective and visually describes her outstanding work through meaningful images that follow one another like feelings in a stream of consciousness.

“Always maintaining a measure of innocence while negotiating the thorns of experience. This is the handiwork of Ann Demeulemeester – a visual history of a spool unravelling threads.”

  • Ann Demeulemeester – The Book

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci