Thom Browne – Fall / Winter 2017

Once again Thom Browne takes the ultimate staples of classic menswear to the extreme and turns dresscodes of social conformity into exquisite examples of avant garde fashion. The grey suit, signtaure piece of the brand, and “corporate” uniform generally considered as dull and boring, gains a completely new edge without loosing its essential elements. The outfits may all look the same at first sight, yet they are different. Browne started with 15 suits and then constructed them in three different ways by playing with proportions, and adding countless variations and small details that make each piece a wearable work of art. All the collection was made in beautiful Harris Tweed, and the complex layering gave to the fabric almost a 3-D like effect. The solemn parade of models walked around a Zen garden made of grey stones of felted fabric, precisely cut in pattern shapes. Some of them were cinched into bodysuits on which buttons delineated the outline of the garment Browne envisioned them as, others carried rigid briefcases and sharp trolley luggages in leather. Absolute standout were the headpieces done in collaboration with Stephen Jones Millinery, which gave to the apparently plain looks a surrealist, slightly uncanny, appeal. A total of around 50,000 buttons were used in the collection, and around 1,200 yards of Harris Tweed. The show was a celebration of the Thom Browne‘s core values: tailoring, craftsmanship and passion for well done, timeless clothing.












  • Thom Browne – Fall / Winter 2017

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